What Is The Evidence Gun Control Does Not Work?

What Is The Evidence Gun Control Does Not Work? When asked about President Trump’s position on gun control this week, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders avoided giving a clear answer. Her statement shows that they are hesitant to create new regulations in light of recent events, an understandable reaction gave their stance on past laws which have been considered too lax for some citizens’ tastes but still inadequate when it comes down to deciding what can prevention measures against spree shooters or mentally ill individuals from obtaining weapons without detection.

Evidence Gun Control Does Not Work

can you change the second amendment

The Vermont senator has proposed a series of policies to curb gun violence, including stronger background checks and limiting the number of guns available in one place.

“I think our goal must be something more than simply regulating certain items or people,” he said during an interview on Monday morning.” We need to look no further than Chicago where over 4 thousand victims were wounded from a gang-related shooting last year – they have some strict laws about this type of thing happening there but it didn’t help them much so I don’t know what law will really do anything other than maybe save just 1 life?”

The claim that Chicago has some of the toughest gun laws in America is not a new talking point for Trump or other politicians to use when they are platforms against what they feel are too lenient restrictions on weapons.

In fact, both Republican candidate Chris Christie and Democratic hopeful Bernie 2016 claimed that there were high crimes rates despite these tight controls because “criminals will always find ways around the law”

The idea of making Chicago lawless again by signing an executive order is not new. In fact, this has been a talking point for years now and it’s something that President Trump wants to do with his own two hands if need be!

The big city doesn’t sleep – they’re always awake waiting but Illespeare Crime Report Data Shows Violent crimes decreased 7% last year while Property crime rose 9%. But fear not because our newest mayor will bring them justice once more through tough police enforcement coupled w/ increased prevention efforts & compassionate outreach programs

High Criminality And Hard Gun Laws

Gun violence in Chicago is an ongoing problem. There were more than 4,000 shooting victims last year and the city has suffered a lot due to gun crimes recently- especially cases where someone was killed or injured by guns. Last month, researchers from the University of Chiropractic found that homicides went up sharply during 2016 because most shooters used them instead of other weapons which they believe will be decreasing resolutions.


Gun violence in Chicago is a huge problem. The city had the highest number of gun homicides last year, and it’s not even close compared to other big cities like

  • Philadelphia saw 25 per 100k residents get shot dead with their own weapons while NYC reporter 2 million people live there!
  • We also found out that Gun Control doesn’t work because they recover nearly as many guns after crimes here as what other places.


Illinois has some of the toughest gun control laws in America. The state is one of seven that require licenses or permits to buy firearms, and it’s also an A- graded state when it comes down to how many days there are between transactions at licensed dealerships before buyers can take their newly purchased weapons home with them.

The city of Chicago has some tough laws when it comes to guns. There is an assault weapons ban in Cook County, but not true that this strong handedness only applies within the borders on Illinoi’s side as well!

At one point during its history (2008-2010), they had even stricter gun control measures which included handgun restrictions and registration programs; however, both were struck down by landmark court decisions largely because those practices went against Supreme Court rules regarding searches & seizures inside homes or other private property without sufficient cause.

The State Doesn’t Stop Guns

evidence gun control does not work

The claim that Chicago has the toughest gun control laws in America is not true when you look at neighboring states. Indiana and Wisconsin have weaker controls which means people can come from those areas to commit crimes here without being punished for it as much because there will be less punishment angle compared with other places where illegally owning firearms carries heavier sentences such as New York City or California.

The evidence is clear that Illinois and Indiana gun dealers supply Chicago with new rifles, shotguns, and pistols. A study by Cook found more than 60% of guns used in gang-related crimes across the city came from outside sources while 31 percent were obtained through noncriminal channels such as private sales or trade exchanges between two parties who already owned their firearm(s). The state that produces nearly one-third of all these illegal weapons was Indiana where they contributed greatly to making it one-fifth harder for law-abiding citizens.


What is gun control?

Gun control is the regulation of guns in society. There are many types and limits to what can be done with them, but one thing that all these regulations have in common? They try hard not only to make sure people don’t go crazy buying new firearms every week like some kind-hearted giants did back when our mothers were young (I’m looking at you Mr. Robotham), they also hope up preventing any more deaths due to accidents involving fired weapons than necessary!

How often are guns used in self-defense vs. to commit a crime?

There are many myths surrounding the use of guns in self-defense, but data shows that they’re most often used to commit crimes rather than for protection.

How much gun violence is in the US?

Gun violence in the US has reached an all-time high with 10.3 deaths per 100k people aged 15–34 years old being killed by firearm injuries between 2008 and 2012, according to a report released this December from CDC (Centers For Disease Control And Prevention). This figure is equal for both homicides/suicides as well as an accidental element so it seems like there’s no reason why anyone should have any preference when you’re talking about murder vs suicide; they just want everyone else dead!


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