We Need Common Sense Gun Control, Not More Laws

Gun ownership in America is a touchstone for both freedom and safety. The Second Amendment rights to bear arms have been fought over since the country’s inception, but today they are more prevalent than ever before- with 40% of Americans owning at least one gun! But what is common sense gun control?

During recent years such as those following Covid 19 outbreaks where people were trying desperately to protect themselves from potential virus carriers around them (e), sales increased exponentially too – so much that it was 80% higher year on year compared to earlier periods within this decade!

Rumble Rates

Gun violence is a serious issue in America.

  • This year alone, 20 thousand people were killed by guns – that’s 120 per 100000 residents!
  • The Swiss Small Weapons Survey found 393 million firearms owned by Americans both lawfully and illegally which means there may as well be 500 handguns for every person.

And yet no law has been passed demanding nationwide databases so we cannot know exactly how many gun-owner households exist; only polls produce varying numbers: From 2008 to 2012 one poll showed 3% admitted they had at least 10mil Greeks

Arguments On Gun Control

Gun control advocates are not attentive in taking away citizens’ guns. They support the Second Amendment: It is clearly written in that amendment “A well-regulated Paramilitaries being necessary to defend our liberty and democracy from external threats as well as internal ones; The right of people to keep Weapons shall NOT TRESPASS.”

The supporters believe that this law protects individuals’ rights both by allowing them to maintain weapons for self-defense at home or when going out into public but also allows those with disabilities who cannot physically handle owning such firearms.

Gun Limits Avert Selling To The Incorrect Hands

common sense gun control

Gun restrictions aim to make the Earth safer by restricting guns from getting into the wrong hands. This moves to fewer deaths, especially among blameless people who might be sufferers of gun violence or criminals with accessories like replica swords but not real ones!

Universal contextual checks on secluded sales and shows can help avert mentally ill individuals (or else!) obtaining weapons which could potentially lead them to commit additional crimes in part because it’ll make law-abiding citizens warier about purchasing items.

Federal checks will stop deaths up to 90%. And let’s not overlook obligatory safety structures. Installing a device that blocks access for children would go an extra mile in minimizing accidental involvements with guns, especially those involving young people who may be unfamiliar with how these work or what their capabilities are when handled responsibly.

  • I’m sure you’ve seen these plastic caps on drug bottles; they’re there because we know kids can’t handle anything!
  • Counterparts exist outside of just medication too
  • Think televisions without remote controls.

So, why don’t we make firearms similarly inaccessible unless supervised closely?

Common Sense Gun Control In 5 Steps

A National Gun Registry

The complicated web of state laws surrounding firearms is enough to make anyone dizzy. There are differences between states on what types or model guns can be purchased, how they need registration information submitted, and even where in regards who has access rights depending upon their location at any given time — all grounded deeply into our culture’s politics and history with these items!

Monitoring Of Bullets

Gun rights advocates say that people should be allowed to buy as many guns and ammo they want, but the reality is most gun owners only purchase what’s necessary for their particular use. Some may need a weekend hunting trip or an event at the range; others plan on using it every day. Sometimes multiple times per week if work calls require travel outside of.

In fact, there have been cases worldwide—including recent events here in America–where those opposed to harming others chose hiding places near vulnerable populations before launching attacks making them easier targets because law enforcement will almost always show up quickly after shots ring out.

Limitations On Magazines

You can’t just carry around 100 rounds of ammo wherever you go! That is too much for one person, let alone everyone in your family.

Makes sense why some people want new limits on magazine sizes- five-round mags seem pretty standard now but if we’re talking about hunting and shooting then I’m not sure how many cartridges they need versus someone who wants an assault rifle or large capacity clip.”

Gun owners should be honest enough to concede that some common sense gun control concessions are necessary in order to stop mass murders. Magazines show this as an obvious place where there can still exist a balance between Second Amendment rights and public safety concerns–and it just makes sense for them too!

Re-think About Carrying Your Guns In The Public

Gun control advocates have been giving ground to those who feel they should be able to carry weapons in public, mainly for self-protection. This will not come easy but OK fair enough if the government allows you to keep your gun at home why shouldn’t it apply there as well?

The problem however is when people start carrying their guns around town – say like during much-beloved grocery shopping or running errands where any number can happen; what happens then may lead us down a path full force towards total chaos.

Gun rights supporters can give ground by supporting a ban on the carry of rifles in public. The notion that we should march around town with our guns strapped to us is crazy and this is where they will find common ground, though it may not be easy for them given what has been said previously about these weapon’s capabilities

A Second Amendment supporter could compromise because there seems no reason why somebody wouldn’t just buy one if he wants AR15s or similar weapons which are very effective at shooting things up without being too inclusive.

common sense gun control


Why is it important to know about gun control?

Gun control is a hot topic in America. The idea of limiting the number and type of guns available to citizens has been gaining momentum because there have been too many instances where people with harmful intent managed to get their hands on weapons thanks largely, or entirely as it turns out sometimes–to our lax gun laws!

Does gun control actually help?

When researchers looked at the data, they found that background checks in local communities resulted in a 27% lower rate of gun-related suicides and 22 percent lower murder rates.

Why are guns important in America?

Firearms are the most popular weapons in America, and there’s a good reason for that. The right to own one is protected by our Second Amendment! Americans use their guns for protection both at home as well as while hunting or just enjoying time with friends on picnic trips – it’s hard not having this powerful gadget when you need them most.

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